Jamones y Embutidos La Hoguera: El mejor jamón de nuestra tierra

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Jamones y Embutidos La Hoguera: El mejor jamón de nuestra tierra

EMBUTIDOS LA HOGUERA, S.A. is located in the centre of San Pedro Manrique, in the province of Soria.

The company covers an area of approximately 11,723 m2 that is bounded by roads and has a main façade facing Carrera Mediana Street, all within an eminently rural setting in which the specifically industrial areas have a minimal polluting content.  

San Pedro Manrique is the district capital of the 

Tierras Altas de Soria region. It is a mountainous area, of abrupt orography, strong winds and hard and weathered people. 

It is in this region where dinosaur footprints were found. Prehistoric remains, caves with rock paintings and old mines, now closed, make this area an incomparable natural site. The region is crossed by the Cidacos River.

The municipalities of this region are: Oncala, Las Aldehuelas, Valloria, Vizmanos, Santa Cruz de Yanguas, Villar del Río, Bretún, Cameros, San Pedro Manrique, San Martín, Valdelavilla, Magaña, Valtajeros, Villar, Ventosa de San Pedro, Matasejún, Los Campos, Valdelagua and Trébago.



In LA HOGUERA we cultivate our land and rear our pigs. The genetic basis on which we work is the DUROC pig, noted for the high quality of its meat. This, along with a completely natural diet, mainly containing cereals of the region, as well as the maintenance of high health standards in livestock farms located within incomparable environmental conditions, means that we have the best ingredients for the production of our SAUSAGES, MEAT PRODUCTS and HAMS: our PIGS, the most NATURAL INGREDIENT.