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Jamones y Embutidos La Hoguera: Cuando las cosas se hacen bien


Cold meats La Hoguera S.A. is a company settled in the agrifood sector, which began its activity in 1986. It follows an integral planning that encompasses the entire production chain: from production of pigs, slaughterhouse, meat-cutting room, to processing of products.

The philosophy with which this project began issue from four partners with the idea of generate added value to swine production and in turn, creating labor to help develop rural areas. Currently Cold meats La Hoguera is a consolidated company within the agrifood sector in continuing development with a workforce of 62 employees.

At Cold meats La Hoguera we believe that tradition, technology and investigation are the keys to produce high quality foods. These are the slogans we have follows since our origins and which have made Cold meats La Hoguera a great brand committed to health and future.



Cold meats La Hoguera initiates its activity in 1975 with the building of our first farm.

Ten years later, after the foundations of the company were strongly settled, our producing company was born. We are extremely proud of it and we want to thank all the people that are or have been part of the history of La Hoguera for those good times spent together.

Thank you all.


In LA HOGUERA we cultivate our lands and grow up our pigs. The genetic basis for our work is the DUROC BREED, characterized by providing a high quality meat. They are feed with completely natural food, mainly with cereals of the area. Our farms have high level sanitary conditions and they are located in an incomparable environment. All the above makes us have the best raw materials to manufacture our cold meats, marinated pork and ham. Our PORK, the most NATURAL.


  • Video of the origins of Cold meats La Hoguera

  • Vídeo sobre los procesos de Embutidos La Hoguera


Cold meats La Hoguera is located in San Pedro Manrique, Soria, Spain.
It takes up a 126,19 ft2 plot bounded by roads. Its facade to Carrera Mediana Street, in a predominantly rural environment where industrial areas have minimal pollutant content.

San Pedro Manrique is the most important village of Tierras Altas (High Lands of Soria). Is an area of mountains, steep orography, high winds and hard and weather-beaten people. In this region, dinosaur footprints were found. Is flanked by the Cidacos river. Its villages are: Oncala, Las Aldehuelas, Valloria, Vizmanos, Santa Cruz de Yanguas, Villar del Río, Bretún, Cameros, San Pedro Manrique, San Martín, Valdelavilla, Magaña, Valtajeros, Villar, Ventosa de San Pedro, Matasejún, Los Campos, Valdelagua and Trébago.