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About us: Quality and health

Jamones y Embutidos La Hoguera: En continuo crecimiento


In Cold meats La Hoguera we understand quality as "the search for excellency through constant effort of all the company areas and its employees to design, manufacture and sell products that not only meet the requirements specified by our clients but exceed their expectations, ensuring food security, commitment to our social context and respecting the environment".
Our products are healthy because they are elaborated with healthy pigs that have a pleasant life in our land without stressful travels nor manipulation. In addition, our pigs have a cereal based diet, protein and vitamin rich without saturated fats (cholesterol).

Our products are GMO and trans fats free. They are made from the finest porks and are defined by containing polyunsaturated fats beneficial to health.


All our products are suitable for coeliacs. They appear in the book published by FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliacs Associations) in which you can find the foods coeliacs can consume without risk to their health.

Nuestro cerdo: lo más natural


The industry has trap drains all over the internal sanitary installations, provided with solid retention devices.

Before discharge, all wastewaters are channeled towards a pretreatment or primary purification system. This is located inside the industry area and is provided with a sieve and fat separator outlet box. After this treatment, the water is discharged into the general network, where it is piped to the WWTP (wastewater treatment plant). We strictly comply with current environmental regulations:

  • Discharges with discharge treatment system, removal of salt water from salting and municipal WWTP
  • No use of CFCs in the refrigeration system.
  • Removal of bones and other products from the cutting by authorized companies
  • Removal of surplus plastics and cardboards, reused and recycled by authorized companies


During 2012, despite the country's severe crisis, the company Cold meats La Hoguera has bet on the creation and consolidation of employment, the increase of investment and the constant struggle for continuous improvement, food security and quality of our products.

2014 will be key to the development of Cold meats La Hoguera. After our first 25 years of existence we are starting a new stage strengthening the strategy of the company, which is based on achieving a SOLID, PROFITABLE company with a FUTURE. These are the lines to reach our goals:

  • sustainable development in a rural environment
  • innovation
  • R&D+i
  • respect for the environment
  • family and professional life conciliation


We have a very clear quality concept:

  • An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property.
  • Superiority of kind
  • Degree or grade of excellence
  • Essential character;nature

Therefore, Cold meats La Hoguera, is distinguished by the most prestigious quality certificates within the food industry as we show in the top of the page.